My journey in the beauty industry began after I completed intensive courses in medical school to become a therapeutical and cosmetology massage therapist. Upon joining a beauty salon, I eagerly immersed myself in learning from top mentors, striving to expand my knowledge and skills. In 1996, I was offered a position at the first Russian salon in the UAE, located in Sharjah. The salon flourished, and our calendar was always fully booked. Despite the success and busy schedule, my passion for learning and professional growth persisted. This led me to pursue further education at the Carita Paris Beauty Institute in Dubai, enhancing my expertise and paving the way for global recognition.

I was honoured to be selected as a global ambassador for CND USA, a prestigious role that allowed me to contribute to the industry and showcase my talents. Additionally, I had the privilege of filming the iconic Marine Spa video, a widely distributed educational resource included in every product box around the world.

My journey continued with a deep dive into podiatry, particularly through collaborations with Busch Medical Rotary Tools. This partnership broadened my expertise in foot care and podiatry, positioning me as a trusted professional in the field. My commitment to sharing knowledge and advancing industry standards led me to conduct seminars at prominent events such as the Eastern European Congress of Podiatrists in Moscow and at various locations across Russia with the Plastek Academy, catering to podiatrists and foot care specialists. Through my dedication to continuous learning, professional development, and sharing knowledge with others in the industry, I have made a lasting impact on the beauty and wellness community.

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